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Databases are online collections of reliable, academic sources that we pay for you be able to access!
When you search on them, databases have built-in tools to filter sources by type, date, and subject.
Many databases are available in multiple languages and will generate citations for you so that
you can easily credit your sources. 

Find all the Langley School District Databases by clicking here. Ask your teacher-librarian for the login info! 


Grades 8-12.

For anything related to a scientific field. Chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, Earth science.


Grades 8-12.

For Canadian perspectives on people, places, and events.


Grades 8-12.

General database for research on most topics. Choose this database if there isn't a more specific one for your topic.


Grades 3-12.

Search BC historical newspapers by key term.


Grades 6-12.

Encyclopedia entries on a wide variety of topics.

Search by key term.


Grades 5-12.

Includes encyclopedia entries on a wide variety of topics, as do World Book Advanced & Discover. Also includes tools to improve research skills, such as citation builders, guidelines on how to do research, trivia quizzes, and "current events: behind the headlines."


Grades 8-12.

For topics on 21st century global topics and current events, e.g. social justice.


Grades 6-9.

For science & math videos, with written transcripts, visuals, links to related films, and notes of key points.


Grades K-12.

For information on BC history, culture, and Earth science.


Grades K-7.

For information on animals, the environment, history, cultures, places, science, and technology.


Grades 3-9.

Encyclopedia entries on a wide variety of topics. Search by key term or browse sample subject headings to explore and discover new topics.


Grades 5-12.

View or create timelines of important historical events and developments.

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